The 2016 Book Awards, Arles

2016-06-29 von Katja | Keine Kommentare

Katja Stuke’s »Nationalfeiertag« is shortlisted for the Arles Book Award 2016.
The pre-selection committee – Fannie Escoulen, Rémi Coignet and Markus Schaden – has selected 40 books among the 839 books sent. The winner of the Author Book Award will be designated during the opening week of the festival by a jury: Diane Dufour, Le Bal, Paris, Felix Hoffmann, CO Berlin, Marin Karmitz, Val Williams, curator, Vera Michalski Hoffmann, Photosynthèses and Delpire; one FNAC representative. The announce of the winner will be done on Friday 8 July at the evening in the Ancient Theater in Arles. read more »»


2015-05-31 von Katja | Keine Kommentare


In July 2015 the »国庆节 Nationalfeiertag«-book will be released. It is a collaboration between BöhmKobayashi, Düsseldorf and FW:books, Amsterdam and I am really happy about this. It will be published in an edition of 700 copies and on more than 300 pages it will contain all portraits, some historic and research-material and  a text about the series. The project is supported with a grant by the Kunststiftung NRW. You can purchase one of the last 8 editions here »»  The edition includes 3 numbered and signed pigment prints, 26,6 X 20 cm.